Weekday liver workout: the 5 major keys to a Court Street bender

The stress of college life can be overwhelming at times, exams, papers, projects and presentations to boot. If the weight of the weekly rigmarole of class, clubs and work becomes a burden, take a break from the books and give your calves and liver a workout instead. Head uptown and decompress with the best bar specials Court Street has to offer.

Monday: The Pigskin’s Mojito Monday

Photo by Eben George

Monday is just the day of the week that has a bad rap. Brighten up your gloomy Monday with a taste of minty paradise, $3.00 mojitos ALL NIGHT to tickle your fancy.

Tuesday: Pawpurr’s 50 cents Draft Night

Photo by Eben George
Photo by Mo Riza via Flickr

No fooling, “Pawps” is the place to be on a Tuesday night. Any beer on tap is just 50 cents. Throw the bouncer a dollar for the “official” draft night cup (just a clear plastic cup glass would be far too reckless) and get your bobcat boozing on.

Wednesday: Courtside Pizza’s Slice Night

Photo by Eben George

The real deal here is actually non-alcoholic, in fact it’s not even a beverage. Every Wednesday from 5 to 9 P.M. Courtside sells pizza by the slice, just 50 cents for cheese and 75 cents for pepperoni. Thirsty? Wash down your slice with a $2.00 Blue Moon.

Thursday: Thirsty Thursday at The Over Hang

Photo by Eben George

For those of you that don’t know, The Over Hang has $2.00 domestics, well drinks and pints of both PBR and Rolling Rock daily. However, they sweeten the deal on Thursdays, featuring $2.00 mini brainstompers (9 oz.) along with 50 cents wings (while supplies last) starting at 5 P.M.

Friday: Red Brick’s Brick Break

Photo by Eben George

You may be thinking that Red Brick is an odd choice of  a “go to” on a Friday, but Brick Break is a perfect way to get your relaxing weekend started with a bang. Head in for happy hour (6 to 9 P.M.) and responsibly enjoy $1.00 domestic bottles and drafts along with $1.00 well liquor shots and mixed drinks.

5 animals that will bless your day


We all love animals because they bring joy and love to our daily lives. I know seeing a dog is the highlight of my day and it turns to a blessing if I’m able to pet it. These next five are your blessings for today.

  1. This goat
Goat Mountain Trail, Peter Charbonnier

I know what you’re thinking, “There is no goat in this picture! What?! You lied! This isn’t a blessing!” but that’s where you’re wrong. This is a blessing in disguise. All we might see is a dog but isn’t every dog a blessing?

2. Her all seeing eyes

Cat with Elderly Hand
Cat with Elderly Hand, K Whiteford

Don’t be put off by her glowing eyes, she’s looking into your future and she sees nothing but good luck going your way. Trust her, look at the wise hands holding her and look at the determination in her face. This is not a chance meeting, wisdom and good luck are in your near future.

3. This smiling pig

Smiling pig

Look at this little guy, he’s all smug. He’s here to bring you smiles and whisper good words to you throughout your day. He doesn’t want you to doubt yourself, he believes in you. Don’t be afraid to smile today if you can help it. If not don’t worry, he’s got enough smiles to share with the world for you.

4. These two

Harry and Setlla
Harry and Stella, Wikimedia Commons

That’s not the flash that went off in the picture, it’s their innocence radiating off of them. They look like they were caught off guard but their friendship and love for each other is true and long-lasting, just like yours with your friends!

5. Sofia

She’s trying her best to eat all her breakfast for the day even though she’s a clumsy girl. She’s here to remind you it’s okay if you mess up as long as you keep trying. If she can do that, you can do anything today.


If you see them give them a flower and maybe pet their little heads. Don’t forget to get permission before you pet them.

7 toddlers who don’t understand fracking

Toddlers are cute. They say cute things, do things in a cute way, and even wear cute things. But one thing that no one ever seems to mention is that toddlers are also very, very dumb. Some of them are so dumb that they don’t even understand basic environmental controversies. These seven toddlers know shockingly little about fracking, an issue which has ignited debate among millions of more informed Americans.

1. Sam

Photo by Johnathan Nightingale via Flickr

Sam is clearly not very bright — he can’t even figure out how to wear shoes — so it’s not surprising that he knows virtually nothing about the scientific process of extracting fuel sources from the ground.

 2. Andrew

Photo by Bridget Coila via Flickr
Photo by Bridget Coila via Flickr

At first glance, it might seem as if Andrew is crying because he feels very negatively about previously earthquake-free areas of the U.S. being more prone to seismic activity after undergoing fracking, but he’s actually just sad that he can’t find his favorite toy. Andrew is more selfish than most big energy companies.

3. Maggie

Photo via Google Images
Photo via Google Images

Maggie is a mess, both because she is a toddler eating pasta and because she consumes energy with reckless abandon. Approximately 26,000 natural gas wells have been created in the U.S. in the two years she’s been alive, but she doesn’t know or care about a single one of them.

4. Joey

Photo via Google Images
Photo via Google Images

Joey is developmentally advanced enough to know how to drive at just 19 months, but he could not care less about where the fuel for his car comes from or if there is a more efficient way of obtaining it domestically.

5. Anna

Photo by dagon_ via Pixabay
Photo by dagon_ via Pixabay

Unlike the 15.3 million Americans who have lived within a mile of a fracking well since 2000, Anna can sleep soundly. She has no idea how fracking works, but that doesn’t keep her awake at night, even though it’s not like she has to get up early to go to work or anything.

6. Jason

Photo by PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay
Photo by PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

Like many millennials, Jason has a world of technology at his fingertips. He could easily take advantage of this and do some quick research on the basics of hydraulic fracturing, but he never has. He can’t spell or type, but there’s really no excuse for this kind of ignorance.

7. Doug

Photo by Greyerbaby via Pixabay
Photo by Greyerbaby via Pixabay

Doug considers himself a nature lover, and you might think this would play a role in his opinions on fracking, but it doesn’t. In fact, Doug has no opinions on fracking whatsoever, because he doesn’t even know what it is. Get it together, Doug!

5 Reasons Why We Live in the Future

Despite the fact we still don’t have Marty McFly’s hover board and our cars still can’t fly we are very much living in the future today. For example, millions of people have constant access to the entire collective knowledge of the human race by simply typing a few words into Google, so long as their phone still has a charge. Everyday our world gets a little closer to the chrome covered future our grandparents dreamed of in their youth.

1. Delivery Drones

Via Daily Mail, YouTube
Via Daily Mail, YouTube

It’s Friday night, and that trip you were going to make to the grocery store has been postponed for the third time. Submitting to the basic need to eat you order a pizza, but instead of a delivery driver fumbling their way to your door, picture a drone dropping it off at your window.

2. Robot Walking Companions

Via Michael P. Shipley YouTube
Via Michael P. Shipley YouTube

One of Boston Dynamic’s most impressive creations, the Atlas brings us one step closer to having mobile robot sidekicks. A bipedal creation reminiscent of our own image, this robot can walk, get knocked down and get back up again.

3. Virtual Reality

Via Nan Palmero, Flickr
Via Nan Palmero, Flickr

With VR headsets anyone can immerse themselves in whatever digital media they please. This immersive experience allows for a whole new world of entertainment.

4. 3D Printers

Via Flickr, Mirko Tobias Schäfer
Via Flickr, Mirko Tobias Schäfer

While not an incredibly new technology, uses for these machines range from medicine to entertainment. There ability to make raw material into usable products has implications for almost every industry and soon could be even more involved in everyday life.

5. Advanced Prosthetics

Via Flickr, U.S. Navy
Via Flickr, U.S. Navy

Life like artificial limbs are close to being an accessible reality. Now those who have suffered injury or came into the world with a disability may soon have a remedy. While still years away the progress that’s been made recently gives hope to many who need it.

5 signs you’re the “Taco” of your fantasy football league

Millions of people across the globe participate in fantasy football, an online competition where a group of friends or coworkers can add interest to the regular slate of NFL games every Sunday besides by competing against each other with the players on the field.

But every league has a “Taco” in it, derived from the lazy, unaware, free-loading character from hit series “The League” that aired for seven seasons on FX from 2009 to 2015.

Here’s five ways to find out if you’re role in fantasy football is a synonym for a Mexican dish of meat, lettuce, and cheese served on a tortilla.

5.) You’ve never come close to a ring

Google Images

Sure, 13 NFL teams have yet to win a Super Bowl, but that’s in the NFL, a bit tougher task than winning a virtual championship in a fantasy league.

The NFL consists of 32 teams in a grueling nine-month struggle for supremacy. You on the other hand, play fantasy football with approximately nine other people and usually find yourself at the lower end of the totem poll at season’s end.

Just like the Houston Texans, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Cleveland Browns, when the playoffs start, your season ends.

4.) You draft broadcasters/ retired players


Yes, left-handed BYU-product Steve Young would be a great pick… If it were 1994 when he threw 35 touchdowns and led the 49ers to a Lombardi Trophy.

Since you’re out of the loop when the fantasy season begins, you often find yourself drafting a player-turned-broadcaster like Steve Young, Deion Sanders, and Trent Dilfer.

Since the apps on your phone are not related to sports, when players retire from the league, you find out a little too late.

Yes, you have the fifth overall pick and Calvin Johnson Jr. is available. What a steal! You’ll probably go ahead and snag Peyton Manning and Marshawn Lynch in the later rounds to fill out your playoff-bound roster.

3.) You’re not really sure when the games are

(Fox Broadcasting Company)

While your friends are getting their lineups, tablets, and laptops ready for a full slate of NFL action every Sunday, you’re sleeping in until about noon and missing that last-minute injury report that Doug Martin is out this week with a knee injury.

As the game’s are going on, you may be heading to work, doing homework, or maybe going back to bed because your hungover from Saturday night. Whatever the case, you’re not watching football until Sunday night when Carrie Underwood hits the stage for NBC’s theme song.

2.) You ignore all injuries in your lineup

(Google Images)

Once you put your lineup in the correct spots at the beginning of the season, it is set for the next 14 weeks no matter what.

Even though you have priority on the waiver wire, you keep Tony Romo in as your quarterback even though he’s had a broken back for the last six weeks.

Tyler Eifert’s ankle? Not bad enough to keep him out your starting flex spot.

These players can’t stay injured forever, right? Exactly, and who is going to be the smooth criminal that still has them next year when they return? That’s right you.

Too bad it’s not a keeper league.


Google Images

Your football knowledge is below average at best. So when you hear the word football, you use common sense and realize that feet must be the most important part of the game.

So who uses their feet more than anyone? KICKERS!

Justin Tucker in the first round? Obviously.

Shaun Suisham in the fourth? Of course, even though the Steelers released him in June so you better handcuff him with Chris Boswell in the seventh.

Mike Nugent in the ninth? Value pick

Chandler Catanzaro in the last round? Sleeper of the draft.

You may miss the playoffs, but at least you’re not the 2008 Detroit Lions, they actually tried to win games.


Five things the new Harry Potter book did wrong (spoilers)

In the midst of the revival of the Harry Potter fandom with the new wizarding schools, the making of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and the revival of Pottermore, the much anticipated addition to the Harry Potter series has let many fans down. Although Scorpius Malfoy quickly became a treasured character in the fandom, there are, at the very least, five significant moments where The Cursed Child went wrong.

1. Time turners
Time Turner by allnightavenue
Source: allnightavenue

Time travel has never been been so complicated. While the third book pulled the time loop off arguably well, time travel in The Cursed Child was just messy and a lazy crutch for the plot.

2. The trolley witch
by osseous, flickr
Source: osseous, flickr

The whole trolley witch transformation scene seems like something that shouldn’t have even been in the play. The only plot device she serves is to notify the adults that Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy escaped from the Hogwarts Express. The extra security transformation of the witch seemed a bit excessive and out of place.

3. Harry wasn’t true to character
Source: http://www.theweek.co.uk/68047/harry-potter-and-the-cursed-child-casts-black-hermione
Source: http://www.theweek.co.uk/68047/harry-potter-and-the-cursed-child-casts-black-hermione

Much of the emotional conflict in The Cursed Child derives from the tension between Harry and his son, Albus. The Potter family could have easily resolved this, or have prevented it, had Harry been true to his canon character. It’s almost as if Rita Skeeter herself wrote Harry the story, what with Harry bringing his past back up into his present life.

4. The Oracle of Delphi
The Oracle of Delphi Entranced from Wikimedia Commons
The Oracle of Delphi Entranced, Source: Wikimedia Commons

With the theme of prophecy and fate returning from the fifth Harry Potter book, Delphi stuck out more from her name than her character. Not only did she have little character development (and an odd background), but she only existed to serve as an antagonist, which her name more or less gave her away as to those who are familiar with Oedipus. Significant name, plus seemingly insignificant character equals, plus romantic hints with the impressionable young hero despite a significant age gap equals an unqualified villain.

5.Cedric Diggory, a Hufflepuff, becoming a Death Eater
From Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

What the hell is a Hufflepuff? Don’t ask Cedric Diggory or he’ll convert into a Death Eater. Hufflepuff seems to be the last house from which a death eater would hail from, and Cedric one of the last people to let a little embarrassment lead him to The Dark Side™.