6 ways living in a dorm is like being in jail

Sometimes, living in a small space with multiple people can get a bit difficult. No one wants to clean, food goes missing, sharing showers is a pain, and never having alone time gets old…the real question is are you shaking up with other college students or are you doing some hard time behind bars?

1. Tiny Living –

Dorm Room, via Flickr, Daniel Westermann-Clark; Jail Cell, via Flickr, Michael Coghan
Dorm Room, via Flickr, Daniel Westermann-Clark; Jail Cell, via Flickr, Michael Coghlan

The average living space in a dorm, according to The Register-Mail, is 228 square feet. You can go ahead and cut that number in half since you will have at least one roommate. So, 114 square feet for all your stuff. Luckily, criminals do not have a lot of clothing because they live, on average, in 48 square feet. So a little under half the space, but with A LOT less stuff.

2. Mess Halls

Via Youtube
Source: Youtube

Having no place to cook, both college students and jail birds are forced to eat what they are served, at specific times, in a specific place. So, grab a tray and eat up. It may taste a little funky but it is FOOD!!!!

3. Tip: Never Trust ANYONE

Via pixabay, public domain
Source: pixabay, public domain

Random room checks? You bet ya! Do not worry, criminals go through this too. Any contraband items will be taken. You may be an adult, but you still have to play by the rules “the man” makes.

4. So you have to pay the bills….

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

Also, if you want a job, you’re pretty confined to university gigs. Although you will probably have more options than the men in orange, who pick from carpentry, sewing, working in the dining halls, dealing with metal. Wait, honestly, those are good life skills, where can I sign up?

5. Grounded for life

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 07.06.29 pm
Source: FlickR Joe C

I hope you were not planning on driving anywhere this weekend because if this is your first year, no car for you. Don’t worry you’re in good company, inmates are not allowed on weekend getaways either.

6. Back to school again…

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

Finally, the reason you’re even in the dorm room, education. Lots of jails allow their prisoners to study and take college courses. I bet a study buddy system between the prison and your school would be pretty popular!