2015 bowl game options for the Bobcats

Fresh off a 48-31 win against Ball State, Ohio is more than bowl eligible at 7-4. As the ‘Cats have only one game left to play, the question now is which bowl game will they play in? Ohio has many bowl game options as of Week 11. Here are the possiblilities:

Raycom Media Camellia Bowl

Photo Credit/ESPN Events

Potential opponent: Appalachian State 

The Raycom Media Camellia Bowl is the most likely landing spot for Ohio, because it won’t have the highest standards of the MAC bowls. Brett McMurphy and Mark Schlabach of ESPN projected this bowl would either include Ohio or Akron, respectively, and Akron hasn’t done as well as Ohio this season. The essence of mediocrity, Akron could win both of its last games and still only tie Ohio’s overall record at 7-5 if Ohio loses to NIU.

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

Famous Potato
Photo credit/famousidahopotatobowl.com

Potential Opponent: Utah State

The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl remains second to Raycom as a possibility because Central Michigan will probably win its last couple of games against Kent State and Eastern Michigan. They also have a better conference record, making it a more competitive suitor for the Potato Bowl to choose for its game than Ohio.

Keeping those two projections in mind, there are a number of bowl games that will feature MAC teams this year and the possibility remains that Ohio can end up in any of them, making its placement more dependent on how the team plays against Northern Illinois next Tuesday.

The following are more bowl game options that become increasingly available if the ‘Cats win against NIU to finish the regular season:

Boca Raton Bowl

If Western Michigan falters in its final games against Toledo and NIU and Toledo ends up in a higher bowl game, the ‘Cats may be able to place into the Boca Raton Bowl.

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl

This bowl might happen if NIU loses to Ohio but wins its final game against Western Michigan, bringing both teams down toward Ohio’s record.

Popeyes Bahamas Bowl

The ‘Cats have a shot at this bowl if they beat NIU on Tuesday, and Toledo is picked to play in a higher-level bowl.


Now, should the ‘Cats lose against NIU, there’s always the…

AutoNation CureBowl

As Schlabach projects that Buffalo would represent the MAC in this bowl, it seems like it’s a good fallback bowl if Ohio is passed up by the other bowls searching for MAC teams.