4 tasty mug desserts to make in your dorm

Let’s face it: The dining halls don’t always cut it. Especially with winter coming, some times, all we want to do is indulge in a seasonal treat because trudging through the winter all the way to Shively or Nelson becomes a hassle.

But it’s also impossible to make quality treats in your dorm without access to a stove or oven — until now. So, to keep your winter warm and sweet, I present:

4 tasty mug desserts you only need your microwave to make for the holidays.

(All are made with ingredients conveniently sold at the markets).

1. Cinnamon roll in a mug

Mug Deserts No. 1: Cinnamon roll in a mug.
Cinnamon roll in a mug.

Ingredients Needed: Apple Sauce, Veggie Oil, Milk, VanillaExtract, Flour, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Baking Powder, Salt, Cream Cheese, and Sugar.

You can read how to make this recipe in under three minutes in the link below.




 2. Banana bread in a mug


Mug Deserts No. 2: Banana bread in a mug.
Banana bread in a mug.

Ingredients Needed: Flour, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Salt, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Egg, Vanilla Extract, Veggie Oil, Milk, and 1 Banana.

To see how to make this in less than four minutes, click below.




 3. Nutella cake in a mug


Mug Deserts No. 3: Nutella cake in a mug.
Nutella cake in a mug.

Ingredients Needed: Flour, Sugar, Egg, Cocoa Powder, Nutella, Milk, Veggie Oil, and Cream (for the icing, if desired).

Click below to see step by step directions on how to make this tasty treat in your microwave.



 4. Fudge s’mores cake in a mug


Mug Deserts No. 4: Fudge s'mores cake in a mug.
Fudge s’mores cake in a mug.

Ingredients Needed: Graham Crackers (crushed into crumbs), Butter, Sugar, Egg, Vanilla Extract, Flour, Cocoa Powder, Baking Powder, Salt, and Marshmallows.

The link below tells you how to make this in your dorm in just five minutes!



All of these mug desserts contain ingredients that can be found at the markets, on campus or in the CVS on Court Street. Luckily, all contain similar ingredients, so do some experimenting with each one in the comfort of your dorm this coming winter!

How RAs celebrate HallOUween

Students were only allowed to use one door this weekend. People were paid to watch the doors to make sure no one snuck in
Students were only allowed to use one door this weekend. People were paid to watch the doors to make sure no one snuck in

Ah Halloween in Athens, you lived up to completely up to my expectations, and boy were they high. I did not think this year’s HallOUween celebration could be anymore boring or slow than last years, but I was wrong.

How can the supposed third largest block party in the nation be so boring one may ask? Well, I was one of many RAs on campus that had to work Friday and Saturday of Halloween weekend. Each year, Housing and Residence Life bumps up all the security for on campus life. Locks are changed so students only have access to one door, wristbands are distributed and required to get back into the halls and every staff member is on duty. These precautions come as a result of the massive influx of people Athens receives for the weekend. People come from all over to experience the bricks of  Court St on Halloween, and for most it is a blast, for RAs, it is a constant battle to stay awake.

RA Halley Davidson shows off her Halloween spirit while on rounds
RA Halley Davidson shows off her Halloween spirit while on rounds

HallOUween preparations begin weeks in advance for RAs. We received documents and went over proper procedure for the weekend three weeks in advance of the holiday. When the weekend does arrive, RAs are present as early as 6 p.m. Friday evening to begin organizing the wristbands to hand out. For my complex, Tanaka-Luchs, we had over 100 registered guests to check in. This process is probably the hardest part of the weekend. Imagine trying to heard a bunch of confused cattle into a room that is clearly not big enough, and then get them to follow a straight line. That’s what it felt like to organize the students and get them the proper wristbands. The line remained outside the door for about an hour and half. Then the real fun began, if one was not on rounds, one was to sit and check wristbands. The thing was that from around nine to around midnight, no one really came back as most were out enjoying the weekend. We had 16 staff members on duty, four of which were checking wristbands, the rest on rounds or on breaks.

My Staff wristband for the weekend. Residents had to wear similar ones, but blue.
My Staff wristband for the weekend. Residents had to wear similar ones, but blue.

Rounds consisted of constantly walking each floor of the building on Friday night, but we changed the role on Saturday, which made it easier, but also made the time go by slower. We stationed a person by the elevator on each floor and they were in charge of making sure no one was doing anything against policy or sneaking in. I was on rounds for three straight hours on Saturday. As the night went on, and I ran out of episodes of “Rick and Morty” to watch, I faced my biggest challenge of the night, staying awake. I actually lost that challenge for about 15 minutes early on, but after hearing reports of a light bulb thief on the loose, I got the kick start I need.

This was my floor at about 12:30 a.m. It was so quiet I could have heard a pin drop
This was my floor at about 12:30 a.m. It was so quiet I could have heard a pin drop

Needless to say HallOUween left much to be desired on my end, but it seems that the precautions taken by Housing and Residence life are a little much. Maybe I was just lucky that our building remained pretty calm throughout the night, but the extra measures taken seem to only add to the lore surrounding the block party. I couldn’t help but wonder that if we didn’t try so hard to keep people out, would it make the festivities less appealing? Adding a $50 charge for students to have a guest sure sounded like it was going to decrease the number of people visiting, but as mentioned before, Tanaka-Luchs saw over 100 guests come to visit.


It seems HallOUween will always be a big deal. My father told me about how crazy it was during his time here in the 70s, and despite increased security measures and rules, the party will continue to be one of the best events of the year, except if you’re an RA.

The nine best group costumes at HallOUween

The band, Boys Like Girls and pop star idol Taylor Swift once said, “Two is Better than One,” and participants in this year’s HallOUween followed that motto by grabbing a buddy or two to coordinate costumes with. Here are the nine best group costumes spotted at this year’s celebration:

1) Beanie Babies

Court Street 1These cuddly gals were extra warm for the festivities taking place on Court Street. Maureen Mierke, Ashley Balasko and Madeline Keener are juniors and roommates at Ohio University, and they hit the town looking cute, comfy and cozy.

“The three of us decided to be Beanie Babies. We bought onesies from Walmart, and instead of just being the animals we made little red, heart-shaped tags like the ones beanie babies used to have on them back in the 90s,” Keener said.

Job well done ladies.






2) Ice Cream Cones

court street 9Pretty please with a cherry on top? Best friends and roommates Julianna Hausman and Cristina Sicard teamed up to form a sweet duo — ice cream cones! This was their backup costume they pulled together at the last minute when their costumes did not arrive in the mail.

“My roommates and I came up with it last minute when our original costume idea didn’t come in the mail on time,” Hausman said. “We crafted everything ourselves and my roommates bravely spray-painted the cherries.”

Sweet and original. This pair created a memorable costume.





3) Feminist Bookstore Owners from Portlandia

court street 7Alumnae Sara Portwood and Amanda Puckett came back to Athens with new identities: Candace and Tony from the TV series “Portlandia.

Portwood says the construction of these costumes was fairly simple because all they had to do was collect odd clothing from Goodwill and buy some wigs.

“We put together the feminist bookstore owners in the TV show, so we carried around relevant literature and were pretty in character with feminist ideals all night,” Portwood said.

These graduates still got the Athens HallOUween spirit.






4) The Nightmare Before Christmas

court street 6This couple’s costumes was the talk of the party at Palmer Place. Junior at OU Savannah Williams and her boyfriend, Jason Violet went as Sally and Jack Skellington  from the movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s the couple’s favorite Halloween/Christmas movie and they even had a third member of their costume, but he was not able to attend the party.

“Not pictured in here is our dog who we dressed up as Zero, the ghost dog from the film. Our two costumes were store-bought, though the makeup made up for it in a total of around four hours of preparation,” Williams said.

Four hours well spent, they truly look animated.



5) Grease

court street 8Again, two is better than one, no? Junior Samantha Pelham tagged along with sophomores Allison Huedepohl and Stephen Withers and went as characters from one of their favorite movies: the famous 1978 musical, “Grease.”

“I went as Sandy from Grease, the iconic, all black with the leather jacket, red lipstick Sandy, and I actually ran into two of my good friends who were going as Sandy and Danny, as well,” Pelham said. “We had a blast because we had Danny, the blonde Sandy and then the brunette Sandy who was kind of stringing along Danny’s Rizzo.”

These three did a fantastic job pulling off an edgy group costume.





6) Owls

Court Street2These ladies are the wisest of them all. Annie Chester and Alena Kilmas, juniors at OU, flocked down the streets of Athens as owls at this year’s event. Chester was scrolling through Pinterest for costume ideas when she stumbled across two girls dressed as owls and another picture with owl glasses. She combined the two ideas and together her and Kilmas rocked the Pinterest-inspired costume.

“I’m an experienced sewer so I cut the fabric and then used a sewing machine to put it all together,” Chester said. “We decided to be owls because it is such a random costume idea and we wanted to be something weird. Plus it makes a good pun: Hall(owl)ween!”




7) Breaking Bad

court street 10She doesn’t even go here! Yes, that’s right. Both Megan McLaughlin and Becky Townsend are juniors at The Ohio State University, but came to Ohio University as Jesse Pinkman and Walter White from Netflix favorite, Breaking Bad. Together, their costumes took just about 15 minutes to make since they only had to shorten the sleeves and slice the legs off of hazmat suits they ordered off Amazon. Paired with tall socks and even a pair of goggles from McLaughlin’s chemistry lab, these two portrayed these mad scientists in a stylish manner. Even though they were missing an important addition to their costumes.

“We attempted to make this blue rock candy that resembles the meth from the show but it was a total fail,” McLaughlin said.

These Buckeyes were fierce this HallOUween weekend.





8) Blades of Glory

court street 4Perhaps the most creative couples costume of the evening was Lindsey Lemons’ and Brennan Wozniak’s idea of going as Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy from the movie, Blades of Glory. This couple looked epic the entire night, but in the Bird Arena is where their costumes shine. The couple didn’t go all out for nothing either, they had a competition to win.

“Last year we were an adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and we entered in a couples costume contest. We took 2nd place in the DP Dough contest and won $50, but we want to take first this year and win the big bucks,” said Lemons.

Hopefully the couple accomplishes their goal!




9) Gerald from Hey Arnold!

court street 5Unfortunately, Kellen Becoats was unsuccessful in recruiting his friend to be Nickelodeon’s own football head, Arnold. However, the OU junior was adamant about going as Gerald, having grown his hair out just enough so that he could try and reach the cartoon’s towering fro.

“I didn’t have my partner [Arnold] because my roommate likes to watch me suffer in pain,” Becoats said. “Not having my Arnold made me have to explain my costume more, but most people loved it. I even ran into an Arnold and another Gerald, so it was worth it.”

Becoats owned this solo costume and is the exception to this article about group costumes.



Once again, creativity flooded the streets of Athens this weekend for HallOUween 2015.