Athens’ Halloween block party characters

Athens’ annual Halloween block party brought out many spooky characters, despite the off and on rain. The block party is an event which brings out crowds of 10 to 15 thousand people yearly. Whether it is for the allure of the live music or just to dress up as someone else, Court Street was jam packed with crowds of people last Saturday night and into Sunday morning.

For many in Athens or visiting Athens on Halloween night finding the right costume is essential. Some will spend months preparing their ensemble, while others will just pick something up the day of. The most popular costume choices are typically flappers, anything flannel, and patriotic inspired ensembles. Construction workers and army men are also popular for men and women like to dress as pink ladies and little red riding hoods, according to an article in The Athens News.

Here’s a look at some Halloween fashion choices that were spotted during the course of the evening.

Costumes made out of retro wear were popular. Chardae Spencer drove out from Cleveland to attend the block party. She went as a classic 1970s hippie.

Chardae Spencer
Uptown Funk in Downtown Athens

Popular movie icons made guest debuts as the night raged on. Ohio University (OU) journalism master’s student, Ayleen Cabas decided to don an outfit fit for space. Here she is dressed as the Sith Lord Darth Maul.

Ayleen Cabas or the Sith Lord?
(photo taken from Wikipedia).
















Disney pirates were also spotted in Athens. Here is Alex G., a sophomore OU student, dressed as Jack Sparrow.

Alex G. or Jack Sparrow?
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Other Halloween block-goers wore outfits that told stories from beyond the grave.

Simeng Sun, OU graduate student, dressed as a Chinese ghost from the early twentieth century. In Chinese the dress is called QiPao. She explained that she brought the dress because her mother told her to pack it in case there would be formal occasion in which she would need a traditional Chinese dress. As it turns out, the Athens block party was just the occasion.

Simeng Sun wearing QiPao

Malika Bryant, OU graduate student, decided to dress as a punky teenage girl who became a zombie. When asked how she entered zombiedom, Bryant responded that it was voluntary recruitment. “Some random person approached her after walking home from Alden,” she said.

The Teenage Zombie


Then there were couple costumes. Isaac Noland, master’s journalism student, and girlfriend Nikki Lanka, OU alum, went as Elaine and Jerry from Seinfeld (on left). Matt Elswick, a former OU student, went as the vault survivor from the video game “Fallout 3” and Allison Hicks, OU sophomore, dressed as a doll because she just thought “it would be cute” (on right).


Seinfeld makes its long anticipated comeback
Video game characters to dolls

















Characters aside, the night also brought out livestock and even a box of teaspoons. Tyler Driscol, OU student, went as a chicken with an outfit he found on


The night brought many memorable costumes and characters to Athens. To find more pics. go to Athens Underground Facebook to see the contestants for the annual costume contest.